Lou Jacobs Woodturning

My workshop is located in Mt. Washington, in northwest Baltimore City. I work primarily with domestic hardwoods such as white and red oak, maple, beech, black cherry, ash and black locust. I keep my eyes (and ears) open for neighbors having arborist work done, and will often use material that would otherwise be going to waste. It is very gratifying for me to be able to create something of lasting beauty and utility from a tree that spent decades or more enriching a neighborhood.

Care and Feeding of Handcrafted Woodenware
Most of my bowls are meant to be used and enjoyed at the table. Unless otherwise noted, they are finished with walnut oil and beeswax. After use they can be simply wiped out or sponged with a dishwashing soap and rinsed with water. When the finish dulls, it can be refreshed by wiping with walnut oil or mineral oil. Avoid soaking the bowl in water, or putting it in the dishwasher or microwave. You should be able to enjoy using your bowl for many years to come.

Purchasing a Bowl
I am happy to sell directly from my shop, or you can order an item by contacting me through this website. I ship items by USPS Priority Mail, or by UPS. You will only pay my actual cost for shipping, and only after you agree to the charge. I can accept payment through Venmo, ApplePay, or by personal check. In the event of payment by check. I will ship your item as soon as your check clears.

Recent Work
The following images represent some recent work created on my lathe. If you have any questions or interest in any of these pieces please contact me. This only represents a portion of my current work. I’m happy to make an appointment to have you visit my shop and see what else is available.
More of my work, including some short video clips, can be seen on my Instagram site. Click on the “Follow me on Instagram” link below to go there.
Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to be in touch.

Pierced holly bowl - a decorative bowl (don’t try putting soup in this one!), 7 1/4” diameter x 2 1/4” tall. $200.

Ash hollow form - 8 1/2” diameter x 9 1/2” tall. - $175.
(Hand weaving by Erica Jacobs)

Thin walled ash bowl - 10 1/2” diameter x 4 1/2” tall. Perhaps a fruit bowl or table centerpiece? (Donated to charity)

Figured Walnut Platter (from crotch section of tree) - 13” diameter x 2” tall. (Sold)

Two variations on a theme: Beech bowls with carved and milk painted accent rings. Both bowls are 8” in diameter. The green rimmed bowl is 3 1/4” tall and the blue rimmed bowl is 2 5/8” tall. $80 each.
(Note: Green rimmed bowl has been sold. Blue rimmed bowl is still available.)

Walnut hollow form - 7 1/2” tall x 4 1/4” wide. $100.

Shallow walnut bowl - 12” wide by 2 1/2” tall - (Donated to charity)

Beech salad bowl with milk paint exterior. 11 1/2” wide x 2 3/4” tall. $100.

Black cherry crotch plate with feathered figure - 12” diameter - $100. (Handweaving by Erica Jacobs)

Large footed Cherry salad bowl - 11 3/4” diameter by 3 1/2” tall - (sold)

A larger ash bowl with a filled knot and beaded rim. Perfect for a large family salad or holiday table. 13 1/4” x 5”. - $150.

Spalted beech bowl - 8 3/4” x 3” $125.

Shallow cherry bowl - 12 3/4” diameter x 2 1/4” tall. - $125

Cherry bowl - 9” x 3 3/4” - $125

Hickory bowl - 8 1/4” x 3” (sold)
Handweaving by Erica Jacobs

Thin walled cherry bowl - 9” x 3”

Ambrosia maple bowl with small turquoise accents on exterior - 11.5” x 3.75” - $125.

Bradford pear bowl with turquoise accents and beaded base -12” diameter - (sold).

Thin-walled white oak bowl - 7 3/4” diameter x 2 5/8” tall - $50
(Handweaving by Erica Jacobs)

Wormy ash bowl - 12 1/2” diameter x 4 3/8” tall - $100
(Handweaving by Erica Jacobs)

Garlic clove crusher/peeler - mixed species (these are white oak) - $18 each
Handweaving by Erica Jacobs

Spalted and wormy maple bowl - 9” wide x 4” tall - $60. Handweaving by Erica Jacobs

Black oak bowl with turquoise inlays - 9 1/2” diameter by 3” tall - $75
Handweaving by Erica Jacobs

Zelkova (Japanese elm species) bowl - 8 1/4” diameter by 2 5/8” tall - $75
Handweaving by Erica Jacobs

Ash bowl - 10” diameter by 2 3/4” tall - (sold)
Handweaving by Erica Jacobs

Segmented Vase - Purpleheart, Yopo and Mahogany. 12” tall x 6” wide. $225. (Handweaving by Erica Jacobs)

Medium sized Ash bowl with beaded rim - 9” x 3” - $70 Handweaving by Erica Jacobs

Ash platter - 13.5” x 3” - (donated to charity)

Ash salad or fruit bowl - 14 1/4” (donated to charity)

Black oak bowl - 9” x 3 1/2” $70

9” Ash bowl - perfect for a small centerpiece or salad for two - (sold)

White oak bowl - 9” diameter - $60

11.25” ash plate (9.25” inside the beaded rim) - $60

White oak bowl - 10” wide x 3 3/4”tall $60

8” and 6” Mulberry natural edge bowls (not for sale)
Handweaving by Erica Jacobs

Pepper Mill - Ambrosia maple with turquoise inlay. (not for sale)

17” Ambrosia Maple platter -$100
Handweaving by Erica Jacobs

7” Spalted Maple bowl - sold

Please use the following form to inquire about a particular piece, to contact me about anything you see on this site, or for more information about my work.